Well Crafter

EHR Only


Features includes - Electronic Medical Record (EMR),Patient Portal, Document Management, Referral Management,Meaningful use Dashboards,ePrescribing and Formulary Checking, Maintenance, Private Cloud (Hosting).

High Precission

Claims Manager


Patient health records Management,Patient Demography, HCFA 1500 Claims Printing – Primary and Secondary, Patient Ledger, Electronic Medical Claim filing, Electronic Remittanceand Advice Automatic Posting, Multiple Insurance Clearing House Integration, Advance Reporting System, Current Procedural Terminology (CPT) Codes, International Classification of Diseases(ICD) Codes, Periodic Statement Generation and Claims Aging, Instant Payment Notification, Multi facilities support

Technical Expert

EHR + Claims Manager


Combine the power autoMedSys EHR and Claims Manager into one and save more.

Practice Manager

The AutoMedSys Practice Manager is a state-of-the-art EMR solution that interfaces with our Claims Manager for seamless end-to-end patient processing.

Claims Manager

Create and Manage patient information on one clear interface. Add any number of patient insurance provider and employment information also. Accept patient picture with ease, monitor patient balance real time.

Home Health

AutoMedSys practice and claims manager provide comprehensive features to support home health specialists. We know the rules and the features you need to track service and maximize revenue. AutoMedSys has extensive features for tracking 485 forms, Care Plan Oversight and other home health activities.

Professional Billers

AutoMedSys Claims manager is a comprehensive medical billing and patient accounting system. It has has an advanced revenue tracking system with series of automations to ensure physicians get paid on time.

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  • AutoMedSys is dedicated to improving healthcare delivery by providing technology and services to reduce costs, reduce errors and improve the quality of care and also remove uncertainties from claims processing. more...